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Presentation of the company :

Peclers is one of the most important style bureaus based in Paris . Established in 1970s, it belongs to the Fitch Group (UK) and operates all over the world. Customized trend forecasting, strategy and consultancy, publishing of trend books and organizing workshops are its major area of activities. Peclers, develops inspiration, colour and pattern books for women’s wear market ( its strength) as well as for men, kids, living/decoration and IT markets. Its services very from product development (new designs and colours for Post-It,3M ), development of collection, (key items of women’s wear collection of Monoprix, their historic client) design consultancy (new mouse design for Microsoft ) , consumer research ( consumer trends in wine ), new product research ( credit card for banking sector) to interior decoration and concepts ( passenger lounge of CDG Airport ). Among clients are: Prada, Armani, Carrefour, Lancome, Monoprix, L’Oreal, BDF, BCBG Max Azria etc.

Peclers develops 4 themes per season and presents it with an introduction on general trends, showing what is emerging according to them in the world markets. Their creation process starts first with identifying colour themesand develop the colour range for each theme. Next, they develop stories which goes with each theme. Finally they adapt those stories to each segment they work for ( men’s, kids etc).

The team of Peclers, highly international though remaining European, is constituted mainly of designers, but also commercials with business and marketing background.

New: Futur book and fashioning the future presentations

Separate book and trend studies for China and Asia , under discussion

Presentation of Women’s wear 09-10 Season

GENERAL TRENDS (What is emerging)

In attitude they have identified the come back of ex models and their iconic presentation ( Eva Herzagova, Charlotte Gainsbourg for Balenciaga). In consumer trends eco practical is becoming more and more important with examples such as very easily recyclable Nokia 3110 phones, Top Shop wants your rubbish campaign. The taste is on one side appreciating the clashing opposites: skiing in Dubai, futuristic Balenciaga garments with traditional Hokusai paintings and pure and very simple on the other: Hermès carré scarves designed by Joseph Albers, H&M s focus on simple classical garments, Japanese pure lignes reflecte in the designs of +- 0 for mugs.

Special emphasis given on the sensual men, the new dandy attitude, best reflected by precious fabrics, draped trousers of Lanvin home and YSL

Stoires of the season:


Its inspiration comes from 1930s art deco design, the nostalgy of old fashion of luxurious travelling, luxurious interpretation of sportswear. Miu Miu ergonomic cut outs, Louis Vuitton suitcases, sportswear in silk, soft coloured enveloping textures, optical effects, tone on tone greys and complicated graphics are the main elements of this theme. Sleek profiles are the highlight.

Key points:

- sleek jackets, rounded reworked shoulders , thick wools

- total look: two pieces made out of the same fabric, not classical but in new shapes

- functional design in leather and wool, practical with a lot of zippers

- leggings like a glove, tight silhouettes while keepings shoulders larger

- Detailed tops ( ciselé)

- Accessories: heavy metals of 30s , gold and silvers


Its inspiration comes from 20s silk pyjamas, famous eccentric women such as Peggy Guggenheim, their eccentricities played in accessoires such as big sunglasses etc. This theme plays also around confused genders, androgeny as well as a straight sexy attitude of women

Key points:

- pjyama shape suits. Fluid shaped, soft and light working suits.

- carrot pants, 80s shouders

- soft and cute knits, cozy woollens in bold colours

- layered garments, bohemian attitude, piled on each other tapestry patterned shawls, jacquard fabrics

- Accessoires: retro styles shoes in new pastels or neon tones


Its inspiration comes from the fascination for the arctic. The shades of white, going from grey to pink and blue in the polar environment. The massive but also vulnerable, fragile and melting icebergs . A Snow bling. It is about rough aesthetics, a new sort of punk hair cuts, garments with almost no cut, simple seam as well as white uniforms and button decorations. It involves also more experimenting with fabrics and textures. Sculptural, different textile experiences such as knitting, dying, embroideries etc Sculpture and texture; different textile experiences, knitting dying, experimenting with fabrics.

Key points:

- comfy parkas:less detailed, voluminous, cozy

- officier buttonings: uniform shapes, symbols and power

- sexy skiwear: showing no skin, yet very sexy tight sitting jumpsuits

- raw edge cover up, arty tops: knitting and embroidery

- Accessoires: boxy bags with fur, classical stilettos with feathers, ergonomic new shape boots, half boots

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